The Stages of Alphabet Charts – stage 1

From Babble to Beginning Writer – The Stages of Alphabet Chart Development

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Stage One – Babble

Alphabet Charts are found in libraries, classrooms, and children’s bedrooms, but what do we actually use them for?

There are different stages of development in children’s reading and writing, therefore it only makes sense that children will go through different stages of using an alphabet chart.

alphabet chart stage 1The first stage is when your child is beginning to talk or as some people say ‘babble’. They will begin to recognise pictures in books and say the word it represents although this may not be clear at first.




Researchers have found the first nouns (naming words) children say are around the following categories:

animals, vehicles, toys, food and drink, clothing, body parts, furniture and rooms, small household items and outside play things. (

Different websites feature different more specific word lists, however it also depends on your own household. For juicesome children the image of  juice in a glass would immediately make them say ‘juice’ however if they have not been exposed to it in their household they would not know the correct word.


Focusing back on the Alphabet Chart children, at this stage of development will not be able to say all 26 images represented on the Alphabet Chart this is due to their speech development and also their limited vocabulary. If you look at the Speech Development chart below you will see the progression of sounds with the age as a guideline. You wouldn’t expect a child’s first word to be volcano as the /v/ sound is one of the later speech sounds to be formed.


When you are purchasing an Alphabet Chart for your child or educational setting, ensure it has some words which are familiar to them, however the Alphabet Chart also needs to represent the Most Common Sounds to help with future reading and writing development.

Stage One – Babble

Stage Two – Increasing Vocabulary

Stage Three – Most Common Sounds

Stage Four – Reading Development

Stage Five – Writing Development

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