The Benefits of Audio-Books for Kids.




An audiobook or talking book, is a recording of a text being read. A reading of a complete text is an unabridged version, while if the text is reduced it is an abridged version.

Audiobooks are beneficial not just for reluctant readers but for all children.

Benefits of children listening to audiobooks.

*They support comprehension as they are read fluently

* They role model expression when reading

*They role model correct pausing at punctuation.

*They give children a chance to listen to a book without having to decode words

*They expose children to new words and maybe experiences

*You can listen to audiobooks while walking, playing with toys, in the car or in bed.

*They are entertaining

*They can help develop imagination by letting children imagine the scenes they are hearing

headphones 2*It is a relaxing activity, helps calm children down who  may be overstimulated

*They are cheap

*They help children learn how to pronounce difficult words

*You can use them with iPhone, iPad, iPod, CD players and any other device that plays music.

*Takes the stress out of reading for reluctant readers

*The whole family can listen to the audiobook and discuss  storyline/characters or predict what will happen next

*Any age can listen from a toddler to a great, great, great, grandparentheadphones 3

*You can read along with the book or just listen



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