Testimonials – parents

Thank you for all the lovely feedback from parents via my Facebook page.

ABC Jenny, has inspired creativity in our home to incorporate words, letters and writing into our playtimes, fun times and family times. It has inspired me as a parent to stay focused on 1 thing at a time amongst the myriad of information l am bombarded with as a parent as to what to teach and when to teach. Great page, well done Jen. (Lisa, via Facebook)


Thanks sooo much for your advice. Really appreciated reading all your ideas and have been putting them into action with my son.
Oodles of thanks once again (Sam, via Facebook)

Hey Jenny. We love your page. It is exactly what we stand for, we have recommended it to our followers. (Steve via Facebook)

Good morning!  Love what you do, my now teen son has dyslexia and I had to take a course and tutor him (and still do!) to help him, using the methods you write about! Wishing you all the best with your page and may you continue to help parents and children alike! (Joanne via Facebook)

Hello, as a mom of a child with learning challenges, your site sounds very interesting and I look forward to following your posts. (Sandi, via Facebook)

It’s lovely to find a page promoting literacy and education! well done! (Yael via Facebook)

Your page is very much needed as I have a few friends who’s children struggle to read (Lisa, via Facebook)

WOW  this is all so impressive. I truly wish I had this available to me when my girls were younger. Keep up the great work!! (Debbie, via Facebook)

Jenny has brilliant ideas on educating children. (Roger, via Facebook)