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As teachers we know a class of mainstream students, not can but will, range in academic ability two or three levels.  We know you can be teaching a Year 2 class and have children ranging academically from Foundation or below to children who are working in Level 4 or above.

Most classes also have children with some of the following learning difficulties – dyslexia, Asperger’s, childhood trauma,  hearing impaired, auditory processing disorder, eyesight impaired, Autism and ADHD/ADD to name a few.

As well as the many social, mental, physical, emotional or behavioural issues they bring to the classroom.

thinking timeIt is a hard job. As a teacher for over 20 years, my last two roles at the schools I have worked in has been with older children 10-15 years who have learning difficulties due to a range of  the above reasons. With each student regardless of age, I have taken them back to the basics with learning to read and spell words using the most common sounds.

We know English is a hard language to learn. Many older children with learning difficulties have not grasped the early skills and do not have a strong foundation.

All teachers need to understand the process of how children learn to read and write. AbcJenny is primarily for parents to help them understand the process their child goes through, however all articles are relevant to teachers. I write in Stages Not Ages of reading and writing development, as we know as Educators children move through developmental stages rather than ages in academic development.teaching

I have also created teacher resources with activities linked to the Australian Curriculum  below. This will continually be updated (as time permits) to include new resources relevant to the 2016 updated Australian Curriculum).
Here is a link to my most popular teacher and parenting resources and information

Writing Activities – information and activities to develop writing skills from birth through to independent writer

Reading Activities – information and  activities to develop reading skills from birth to independent writer.

General Literacy Activities

Spelling Stories – stories to help children learn tricky spelling words

Sound Spy – focus on particular sounds and easy ways to learn them

Teacher Resource Booklets – Free downloadable Teacher Resource Booklets linked to the curriculum based on Picture Books.

Teacher Resource Booklets – Free downloadable Teacher Resource Booklets linked to the curriculum based on Children’s Chapter Books.

And of course my AbcJenny Shop which provides products such as
Alphabet Charts

Alphabet Strips

Child’s First Reader

and soon to be updated with more e-books and physical products you can buy to help your student develop their reading and writing skills.


Feel free to join my abcJenny community on Facebook, abcJenny. I provide daily reading, writing information, activities and research. As well as a chance for followers to ask questions on children’s reading and writing development. Or just pop over to say hi. Everyone is welcome.

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