Slow Down Sarah!

Every child has a little bit or maybe a lot of Sarah in them.


Slow Down Sarah, captures the attention of readers as they wonder what mischief Sarah will create next as she speeds past on her motorbike. What I loved about the book, written by Ainsley Shepherd, was when I read it aloud to my son (aged 7). It was a delight to read. The words flowed, making it easy to add excitement and expression into my voice. My son was captivated as I could imagine any young audience would be.

The rhyming nature of Slow Down Sarah, allows children to not only predict from the illustrations what will happen next, but also predict the rhyming words used to describe each situation.

Educationally Slow Down Sarah provides plenty of opportunities for discussion and follow-up activities in the classroom. The book exposes children to farm life and experiences children may not have had. It fosters understanding for others, emergency reactions and how to have fun yet stay safe.

The author Ainsley Shepherd drew on her living in rural Queensland and her own four children to write the story, Slow Down Sarah. At the beginning of the book Ainsley mentions, ‘She aims to encourage her readers to value their uniqueness and be true to who they were made to be.’ This book certainly holds true to her aim.

The wonderful illustrations by Chantal Stewart, give children the confidence to predict what will happen next. If other audiences are like my son, they are shouting, ‘ Oh ohh look out cows’ as they predict the herd of cows will scatter when Sarah comes past.

Slow Down Sarah is a fun book, an easy read and provides educational opportunities. I look forward to reading more adventures from rural Queensland and Ainsley Shepherd.

Children’s Review

Charlie (aged 7)

Prediction:- I think the book will be about, a girl named Sarah who rides her motorbike through sheep.

Thoughts on Slow Down Sarah:- It was great, I wished my mum let me ride a motorbike.

What other mischief do you think Sarah could get up to on her motorbike? :- Sarah could ride past the chicken coop just as the farmer had collected the eggs. He would get such a scare that he would drop all the eggs.
Also, Sarah could ride past the pig pen and the pigs could get scared and rush out, they would run past the washing which has just been washed again and is clean in the washing basket, and the pigs would put mud all over it.

(And he wonders why I won’t let him get a motorbike!!!)

Overall:- I think it is funny and great.

For a free PDF of 10 Educational Activities created to accompany the book, Slow Down Sarah! click on the link below.

Slow Down Sarah!

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