Recount – On the Weekend

Teachers – Are you sick of reading recounts which begin with, ‘On the weekend…’?

I have created a rubric to help children/students move on from beginning their recount with, ‘On the weekend..’


The above rubric ranges from Foundation to Level Six and looks at the progression of the following areas:
Point of View

First Person/Third Person
Structure – Orientation, Events, Resolution

Language – Time Connectors
Audience Engagement

The expectations at each progression point is based on the new Victorian Curriculum.

Below I have attached a brief recount editing sheet for students working in Level 3 and above for your use. student-recount-checklist


A fun activity I like to do with students on a Monday morning, rather than the usual weekend writing is to ask students to write two sentences/paragraphs/recounts (depending on level).
They are asked to write one sentence/paragraph/recount about a real event which happened on the weekend, and another sentence/paragraph which is not real (imaginative).

Students then read these two stories aloud and other students have to try and guess which is the true recount.

A great way to encourage reluctant writers on a Monday morning.


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