Personalised Alphabet Mat


Product Description

Personalised Alphabet Mat

                      Front                                                                                                                                                Back

Alphabet Chart using Most Common Sounds                                                           Child’s own name printed on the back

name mat 2name mat







The Personalised Alphabet Mat is able to be used for:-

  • playdough mat
  • meal times
  • craft times
  • beginning writing activities
  • drawing activities
  • sound-letter activities
  • tracing their name with their finger
  • using pipe cleaners to mould the letters of their name
  • place paper over their name to trace
  • display as an Alphabet Chart when not in use

Postage is included in the price within Australia.

The Personalised Alphabet Mat is printed on A4 paper and comes laminated ready to use.

Great for a unique birthday present or Christmas present.

Simply fill out details and in the notes section write the child’s name you would like typed on the back of the Alphabet Chart.



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