Oz Phonics

oz phonics

I am an Educational Consultant and Creative Writer for Oz Phonics 5, 6 and 7.

‘Oz Phonics is an iPad-based reading system that caters for beginning readers and students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Our system is used by parents/carers, teachers and speech pathologists. In addition to iPad apps, we provide free printable worksheets, and firmly believe that interest and help from a teacher or parent, are what makes a good educational app great.’ http://ozphonics.com/


Next year, 2016 will be the much awaited release of Oz Phonics 5. I have enjoyed the partnership with DSP Learning, the creators of Oz Phonics, and looking forward to the stories and worksheets I created to be part of their wonderful Reading Program.

This page will be updated upon release of Oz Phonics 5.

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