My Letter to Digby’s Author Renee Price, from Tommy aged 6. 2


To Renee Price, Author of Digby’s Moon Mission,

Thank you for writing the book, it was funny when Digby thought to sling shot food up to the moon to feed it. He wasn’t exactly feeding it, but kind of though.

It is weird how the moon just gets bigger and bigger every night, when he sling shots food up into the air.

Does Digby really think he made the moon fatter?

Some of the food looks yummy, like the muffins. The mess in the kitchen was funny, I think Digby’s mum would say when she saw it,

“Oi, you 5 get back here and clean!”

But I think Digby’s’ mum would be used to Digby making  a mess.

Digby imageIf I had to sling food to the moon, I would sling ‘tomato sauce’ because my name is Tommy and tomato sauce starts with a T.
I think you should sling rice because Renee and rice both start with R. Although I think rice would get all jumbled and mumbled up, if you tried to throw it to the moon.

Are you going to make more books with Digby in it? He could try to race to the moon starting from scratch. He could stop at different places like in the middle of a jungle, and in the middle of Jurassic time and build parts for the rocket.

When you wrote the book, did you think about what age it should be for?
Like, if you gave Star Wars book for a baby it would not match. And if you gave a baby’s book to a 15 year old kid, it would not match either, at all.

I think the book should be for age 2 to 7. I am 6, it is great for me.

Is Digby someone that you know or is he made up? Like in 13 Storey Treehouse, Terry and Andy are real people but they don’t do real things. And they aren’t actually kids.

What happened when you finished the book? What was your feeling when you finished it? And when was the last time you read the book?

Thank you for reading this, I hope you make more books and get more money, my mum will buy your next book,




A picture of my reading journal for school, with Digby’s Moon Mission.

Digby 8












A photo of me reading your book and it is on iPad and on Apple TV.

Digby 9

Note from abcJenny
To find out more about the author, Renee Price head to

or say hi to Renee on her Facebook page

Digby Fixit

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2 thoughts on “My Letter to Digby’s Author Renee Price, from Tommy aged 6.

  • Debra Tidball

    I love this letter – so thoughtful and considered! Thank you abcTommy for posting it! What a marvellous idea! I look forward to seeing more letters to other authors about their books 🙂

  • Renee Price

    Dear Tommy,

    Your letter is by far, the best letter I’ve ever received! Thank you for writing to me. I will put my thinking cap on and reply very soon!

    Have a fantastic day!
    From Renee and Digby 🙂