Mother’s Day M Activities.

Whether you are into motorbike racing or manicures there’s an Mm activity for you and your child to do on Mummy’s Day.

Learning is all about grabbing an opportunity and making the most out of it.

Whether your child is learning to say, read or write the letter Mm, these activities give you a chance to informally introduce or reinforce the letter/sound.

Baking Mummum cooking

Make muffins, macaroni, meatloaf, meatballs.

Marshmallows with milk or milkshakes.

Eat minties and m & ms.

mum outdoor

Outdoor Mum

Motorbike riding


Moulding mud missiles

Monster Truck

Animal Mum

Meerkats, mice, manta ray, moth, mouse, mosquito, moose, monkeys.mum animal

Beauty Mum


Make-up in the mirror

Crafty Mum  mum sewing

Macaroni necklaces

craft monsters

monkey masks

marble painting

Maths Mum

mum mathsMagnetics




Music Mummum music

5 little monkeys

3 blind mice

To all the ma, mums, mummies, mothers, grandmothers, foster mums and step mums out there, have a magically, magnificently, marvellous and mildly mischievous Mother’s Day. From abcJenny (a mummy to two mischievous boys)

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