How to help your child spell – was. Spelling Story.

One of the ten most used words in the English language and one of the hardest for children to learn  to spell is the word was.

Children tend to spell the word phonetically – woz.

When a child has difficulty spelling a word like was I ask them to study it and see if they can find anything interesting about the word.

I have made a children’s story about the word was titled Hide and Seek. By reading this story children will think about the letters or sounds in the words they wish to spell. It could also be a base for learning other related words.

Experiment with language and let your child/student create their own Spelling Stories.

was story

Hide and Seek

Characters in the story: 4 children named, As, At, An, Am

Setting: Park

As, At, An and Am were all friends. They had been friends since they were in playgroup together. They loved going on adventures, playing music and laughing together. They played lots of games together.

When they played Tennis At would win, because he was good with a bat.

When they played Beach Tiggy, An would win, because he ran fast in the sand.

When it was time for lunch, Am would be first, because he loved eating ham.

Poor As thought, he would never be first or win anything.

One day, the four friends got together to think of a new game to play. They had played, cricket, basketball, I Spy, football, netball, swimming and judo. They wanted something different.

“I know, we have never played Hide and Seek,” said Am, ” I’ll be it, you all go and hide.”

An and At ran off straight away to hide.

“10, 9 , 8,” said Am.

As thought, how can I win. I’m too easy to find if I hide in has, it is the only word I rhyme with.

“7, 6, 5,” counted Am.

As kept thinking, then remembered was. Everyone always forgot he was in was. It would be a perfect hiding place.

“4, 3, 2, 1 ready or not, here I come,” yelled Am.

After a few minutes Am yelled out, “Found you An hiding in the pot plant.”

A few more minutes he yelled out again, “Found you At hiding under the mat.”

Am searched and searched and couldn’t find As anywhere. At and An, helped him search.

Finally Am yelled out, ‘We give up, you win As.”

As popped out right under their nose, he was hiding in was. Nobody ever thinks to look for him there.

“I won, I won, now I know what I am good at. I am good at hiding,” As said.

Do you think you will remember ‘as’ hiding in was next time you are writing?

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