How to Develop Children’s ‘On the Weekend’ Recount Writing.

On the weekend, I played footy.

On the weekend, I went to the beach. We saw big waves.

On the weekend, I went to my friend’s house. We played X-Box. It was fun


How many students in your class use, On the weekend, to begin their recount writing?

Students should be encouraged to become adventurous with their beginnings and draw the reader in to their story or be more specific with their time frame.


I have made a recount rubric (free download) which includes ways to encourage students to vary their endings as well as the language they use in their recounts. This rubric is based on the Australian Curriculum and looks at levels Foundation to Level 6.

This rubric is general and may need to change to make it specific for your own students or their environment.

Feel free anytime to ask questions whether you are home schooling or beginning teaching.

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