Holiday Reading Challenge – reluctant reader

Reluctant Reader

Reluctant Readers


Do you have a reluctant reader at home?

The school year is finishing and the last thing your child wants to do is pick up a book.

Your child may be a reluctant reader due to a range of reasons which will be discussed in a future post.

Regardless of the reason at this stage, try to bring enjoyment back into reading.

I have created a Holiday Reading Challenge which can be completed by children at all stages of reading.

Holiday Reading Challenge

Some handy tips to encourage your child to read are listed below. These are suggestions, only you will know what will work with your child and their needs:


* Let your child know that you will be competing the challenge also. Display the chart on a wall and model reading to your child. Show them that reading can be a pleasure activity. You could read the local newspaper, magazines, shopping pamphlets, fiction novels or non-fiction novels.

*Go to an Op Shop or Library and let your child choose some books to read. Encourage a range of books, Picture Books, Chapter Books, Non-Fiction Books, Comics or Manuals.

*Read signs, menus, recipes, road signs, shop names show your child all the reading they can do.signs 2

*Find high interest – low ability books such as books by Andy Griffiths, Leigh Hobbs or Tom Gates.

*Graphic novels or cartoon magazines often provide enjoyment to children due to their limited text and detailed images.

modern books*If they are interested in a TV show you may find books from the TV series such as Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Chuggington etc

*Find books your child was reading last year and ask him/her to read them to a younger person, try to gain their confidence in their reading ability by highlighting what they can do rather than what they can’t

*Non-Fiction books are a great reading source for children. Often books are filled with illustrations, labelled diagrams and charts which children can use to understand the text. Non-fiction books also look like grown up books. Manuals are good for children who are independent readers.non fiction 1

*Look for reading material that does not look like books such as, pamphlets, notes, phone messages, instructions, shopping lists – ask your child to read the text for you, include picture clues if they are a beginning reader.

*Play board games which require reading.

monopoly 3

 *Give your child a chance to read on their own, whether to a favourite toy or lying in a quiet place away from others. Fill a bookshelf with a range of books which are accessible (and safe) for your child to read on their own, without anyone knowing the difficulty level of the book.nip
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