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I had the pleasure of cyber-meeting Emma Mactaggart when I created a Teacher Resource Booklet for her award winning Picture Book Imagine. Not only is Emma, a talented author she is also the successful founder of Boogie Books and Child Writes.

My posts are often on the beginning writing stages. However,  you may have a child at home who is a competent writer who has dreams of writing and illustrating their own Picture Book.

Emma has made it simple with this step-by-step guide.

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Child Writes – inspiring children to create with a step-by-step guide for writing and illustrating a children’s picture book

Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play

Plus FREE PDF Teachers Manual AND PDF Student Workbook

For the last ten years, Emma Mactaggart has been working with children, leading them through the entire process that is creating a children’s picture book, from the development of an original idea, using writing and illustrating tools, to book launch and beyond. At first glance, it looks like the output is merely a book. Step a little closer and Emma is driven by outcomes like giving children tools to promote creativity; increasing their self-efficacy; making them comfortable exhibiting their work in both words and images; giving them a platform to share their ideas and hopefully provoke a conversation about their ambitions for the future…

Emma wrote her first book to help her second daughter. It was personal, specific to the situation they had to deal with at home (a child reticent to go to school) and it worked! (Annabel is now 16 and flourishing!) Emma continued writing, teaching and creating, and wrote a well-tested step-by-step hand-holding guide for creating a children’s picture book, Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book sharing all the tips and insights gleaned from this experience.

Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book has won a 2012 GOLD for Best Non-Fiction Adult eBook and was acknowledged by the IndiePENdent Organisation for excellence in writing in 2014.  It has been the key to over 350 titles produced by primary school aged children over the last decade, children from greatly varying socio-economic backgrounds, educational levels and abilities, and this is how we can be so positive the process works.

The book accompanied with the PDF print-yourself version of the Teachers Manual and the Student Workbook will give you all the tools you need to guide your child through the process of creating a children’s picture book – a full summer of activities to work through, culminating possibly in a polished manuscript and illustrations for a children’s picture book.

Today, the text book will be personally signed and delivered to your door for only $34.95, accompanied with a special USB with the two PDF files as our gift to you.

To purchase a copy head to

Happy writing.

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