George’s Marvellous Medicine – review by my kids. 8

George’s Marvellous Medicine

By Roald Dahl

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Review by Tommy aged 6

George’s Marvellous Medicine was an awesome book.

I like how the grandma gets bigger and smashes through the roof. I like how George keeps on feeding his grandma and she keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The author could add another page to it and call it, The Worst Ways to Feed Grandma.


I think Nannas should read this book because it is funny and they could learn not to be rude to their grandkids and tell them what to do. And also not to trust grandkids to make them medicine.

Rating infinity out of infinity

Review by Charlie aged 8

Mum read us the book George’s Marvellous Medicine and I helped read a bit. We read a chapter each day, sometimes two chapters if they were short.

It is really, really good because grandma smashes out of the roof and you can use loads of expression when you are reading.

And the best bit was when grumpy dad was bossing his kids around. Because that is like our dad….not really.


Everyone should read it, mums, dads, children, nannas and grandpas.

Rating 100 out of 100

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8 thoughts on “George’s Marvellous Medicine – review by my kids.

    • abcjenny Post author

      To Aunty Marie,
      Thank you for adding me and Charlie in your comment. You should really read the book because it is really good and I loved the part his dad goes crazy and yells at George to go and make the medicine. My dad goes crazy as well when I don’t eat my brekky….like now, so I better go. Love from Tommy. (P.S. Tommy said after he wrote this, ‘that’s going to make Aunty Marie laugh’)

    • abcjenny Post author

      To Debra, They got the medicine from the bathroom, one bit from the shed and one bit from the kitchen, but be careful because the Grandma in the book grows larger and larger, and after that something different happens but we won’t tell you because it is a secret. Have a good day, from Charlie.

    • abcjenny Post author

      Thank you Renee, We are going to go on a paddle board today, I hope your kids will like George’s Marvellous Medicine. If you read it with lots of expression they will think it is funny. From Charlie.