Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco.

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Plot twists, clues, suspects and crime, all the ingredients you need for a good mystery.

Julie Anne Grasso delivers another captivating read, the second in her Frankie Dupont series, Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco.

In her first book, Frankie Dupont and the Mystery at Enderby Manor, the opening scene launched you straight into the mystery behind the black envelope.

There is also no slow start in Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco, with the introduction of the INVADERS and the INVASION. Immediately mystery reading skills were on high alert as we wanted to know who were the invaders.

Children’s books in the early stages of reading are predictable. They encourage confidence in children’s ability to decode words and comprehend the meaning.

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The Frankie Dupont books are suitable for ages 8 – 12, which means this may be a child’s first exposure to mystery novels.

Julie Anne Grasso introduces children to unpredictability. To read a book not only for comprehension but to look for clues towards solving the mystery.

The best part of the Frankie Dupont series is the main character, Frankie. He is not a naughty child with an attitude, he respects adults (even those he feels doesn’t deserve it, like Inspector Cluesome), he is responsible for his dog and genuinely thinks of others.

frankie blog 2It is great to support a book which includes an appropriate role model for children even if he gets himself into some sticky situations.

Overall, Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco is well-written, portrays good role models, and a fun read. I would recommend it as an inclusion in any home or school setting.

I have created an Educational Teachers’ Activity Booklet based on Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco which have links to the Australian Curriculum.

Whether you are a home schooler, teacher or a parent of a child who loves mysteries, there will be an activity that suits.

Click on the link below to receive your FREE PDF copy of the activities.

Frankie Dupont 2 Teacher Resource Book

I look forward to reading the third book in the Frankie Dupont series coming soon, Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage to see whether my own detective skills have improved.

To purchase a copy of Frankie Dupont and the Mystery at Enderby Manor or keep updated on the Frankie Dupont series, like Julie Anne Grasso on Facebook or visit her website.

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