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I was lucky enough to be part of the book Firefly and Little Star written by Oba William King and illustrated by Emily Zieroth. The lovely Mari Barnes from Flying Turtle Publishing approached me through my Facebook Page abcJenny to create educational activities for the book Firefly and Little Star.

I was sent the text of the book first and as soon as I read it my mind was buzzing. It is a lovely story about a Little Star that needs help. She had fallen from the sky and lost her light. Reading the book you find out whether Firefly can help Little Star go back to where she belongs.

The story is so well written by author Oda William King that there is plenty of opportunities to discuss with your child the main themes in the book, independence, feeling connected to people and places, friendship and confidence. I was so excited by the project that after I had created activities to be published at the back of the book, I created an activity booklet that people who read Firefly and Little Star can download for free.

I eagerly waited for the copy of Firefly and Little Star to arrive in the post (Flying Turtle Publishers is in America and I am in Australia). When I received my copy I was amazed at the illustrations, so bright and attractive to young readers. What an amazing talent Emily Zieroth the illustrator has.

Thanks to Mari Barnes and the team at Flying Turtle Publishing for allowing me to be part of the book Firefly and Little Star. Thanks also to Oba William King for creating such a wonderful story.

Here is the link to the PDF of free activities based on Firefly and Little Star

Firefly and Little Star Educational activities

If the link does not work and you would like an emailed copy, please feel free to private message me through my Facebook page with your email address or send an email to and I will send you the activities through as a word document or a PDF.
(Please note: I will not use your email details for any marketing or give your details to any other party.)

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