Writing Development – Stages Not Ages

Lego Spelling  Foundation – English Summary of the lesson This activity uses Lego blocks to help children form a connection between the sounds they hear in words and the letters used to phonetically spell words. Relevant links to Australian Curriculum Foundation (English) Produce some lower case and upper case letters […]

Lego Spelling

You may see a picture like this and see scribble. I see the exciting next stage of writing/drawing. Controlled Scribbling Children who change colours and direction when they are scribbling are beginning to make a connection between the writing implement in their hand and the marks they are making on the […]

Controlled Scribbling

Children’s letter writing – backwards, reversal, upside down. What is normal and when to be worried?   Letter reversals are when children want to write a letter b and they write the letter as a d instead. Your child may write a letter e and writes it backwards ɘ or upside […]

Letter reversals in your child’s writing.

Who needs pen and paper to learn to write their name, spell words, learn letter formations or complete scientific equations? I don’t, all I need is the beach, with the waves as my eraser.   Kids love the beach, whether it is building sandcastles, chasing seagulls, covering themselves in sand, […]

Beach Writing

How many of you proudly display your child’s sporting achievements, hang up their art work, write posts on social media of their latest funny saying or even a post a photo of them being a mess while eating? Now is the chance to be proud of how in a few short years they have […]

Displaying children’s writing.

Some children can be shown a letter, or word and will happily practise with pen and paper. Other children need variety and  repetition to perfect drawing the circle, writing the letter or word. Whether your child is at the stage of drawing circles and lines, single letters, own name, golden […]

55 Ways to Write a Letter or Word – For ...

Are you beginning to see lines and circles appear amongst your child’s scribbles? Often this lets you know your child is on to the third stage of writing which is often called Lines and Patterns, or Lines and Shapes. This blog looks at the importance of mazes in this stage of writing.   Educational […]

Mazes – Stage 3 writing

Responding to children’s first attempts at writing/drawing. There are so many You Tube videos, Facebook Videos, Instagram and photos of a child’s first step, crawl, solid food and dare I say even updates of when a child first uses a toilet. Unfortunately, I don’t see many updates of when a child […]

Responding to children’s writing.