Writing Development – Stages Not Ages

A follower on my Facebook page abcJenny, was helping her child with an activity, when he came across the word rock. The follower sent me a question asking how to explain to children when to use the letter combination ck to represent the /k/ sound at the end of a word. […]

How to teach children when to add ‘ck’ at the ...

Teachers – Are you sick of reading recounts which begin with, ‘On the weekend…’? I have created a rubric to help children/students move on from beginning their recount with, ‘On the weekend..’ abcjenny-recount-rubric The above rubric ranges from Foundation to Level Six and looks at the progression of the following […]

Recount – On the Weekend

On the weekend, I played footy. On the weekend, I went to the beach. We saw big waves. On the weekend, I went to my friend’s house. We played X-Box. It was fun   How many students in your class use, On the weekend, to begin their recount writing? Students […]

How to Develop Children’s ‘On the Weekend’ Recount Writing.

The Benefits of Colouring, to Help Improve Writing Skills. The first colouring book was credited to the McLoughlin Brothers in the 1880s (source Wikipedia and A History of the Colouring Book) Colouring books have been used for such reasons as marketing tools, to explain politics and recently as relaxation exercise […]

The Benefits of Colouring, to Help Improve Writing Skills.

The latest newspaper article I wrote listed 5 strategies you could use to help your child enjoy their reading skills or help develop their reading skills while holidaying. I thought of writing the article when I saw my son, on his bike reading the local tourist map. If you would like an […]

Strategies to keep reading alive in holidays.

Stages Not Ages – Is your child ready to learn how to spell words? Do you have a pre-schooler who has a high interest and recall of reading and writing concepts? Do you have a child beginning school next year and would like to familiarise them with some spelling strategies they will be […]

The 3 important steps children need before spelling a word.

Do you know someone living alone? Statistics say you probably do, with one in four Australians living on their own. (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012) Research shows, not all people living on their own are lonely and some prefer living on their own than with others. However, if you do […]

Ask your child to send a letter to someone living ...

From Babble to Beginning Writer – The Stages of Alphabet Chart Development Stage One – Babble Alphabet Charts are found in libraries, classrooms, and children’s bedrooms, but what do we actually use them for? There are different stages of development in children’s reading and writing, therefore it only makes sense […]

The Stages of Alphabet Charts – stage 1

I had the pleasure of cyber-meeting Emma Mactaggart when I created a Teacher Resource Booklet for her award winning Picture Book Imagine. Not only is Emma, a talented author she is also the successful founder of Boogie Books and Child Writes. My posts are often on the beginning writing stages. However, […]

Help Your Child Create Their Own Book Picture Book

Your washing is dry…..but still in the washing machine. Your heading to school drop off, on time ……..but the petrol light starts to flash. Your boss asks you to do extra work……. in the same amount of hours. Your kids come home…..full of excess energy from being contained at school […]

Spaghetti Spelling