Spelling Stories

Autumn has arrived in Australia. Many teachers and parents discuss leaves turning brown and falling off trees or the change in the weather as the season moves from summer to winter. I see the word autumn and I see an opportunity to study the word, the letters, the sounds they represent and […]

Autumn Word Study

One of the ten most used words in the English language and one of the hardest for children to learn  to spell is the word was. Children tend to spell the word phonetically – woz. When a child has difficulty spelling a word like was I ask them to study it […]

How to help your child spell – was. Spelling Story.

There are some words which children often find difficult to remember when they are writing. These words often are the exceptions to spelling rules. For example the word, they. The Oxford Word List ranks they as the 22nd most used word in children’s writing. To help your child or student […]

Helping your child spell the word – they.