Information and Activities to help children’s reading development.

(My son reading Darth by Julieann Wallace via Skype) Is your child beginning to say words and point to pictures in books? Is your child retelling their favourite books? Is your child reading levelled readers? Is your child learning information from non-fiction books? Is your child learning to read with […]

Your child can read to anyone, anywhere with Video Calling.

From Babble to Beginning Writer – The Stages of Alphabet Chart Development Stage One – Babble Alphabet Charts are found in libraries, classrooms, and children’s bedrooms, but what do we actually use them for? There are different stages of development in children’s reading and writing, therefore it only makes sense […]

The Stages of Alphabet Charts – stage 1

Do you have a child who reads their school reader (take home book) and will read the book without looking at the text? Do they add in more words or skip words when they are reading? This is fine if your child is at the ‘retelling’ stage of reading. Retelling is when […]

One to One Correspondence in Reading

Give a baby a book and what is the first thing they will do……..put it in their mouth. This is their way of exploring as their mouth is the most sensitive at this age. Give an adult a book and they will hold it correctly, turn pages right to left […]

Concepts of Print.

Learning sight words or any words are hard for children. Either they have worked out the magic of sounding out words and they then stumble on a word like ‘was’ or they see the word circus and wonder why it doesn’t start with a /k/ sound. Have some fun with […]

A sight word magician

Concentration/ Memory using Golden Words Golden Words are the 12 most used words in the written English Language they are; a, I, and, was, be, to, in, it, is, of the, that. The Golden Words make up about one quarter of all written words in English. A set of Golden […]

Concentration Card Game with Golden Words

There are 26 letter in the alphabet which contribute to the 44 sounds in the English language.  It is unrealistic to think children will know when to use which letter combinations to make the various sounds as some adults do not have a grasp of this. I have grouped the […]

The 44 sounds of the English Language made as simple ...

    The 100 Most Used words are often used in classrooms for reading and writing (spelling). These 100 words make up about one-half of all written material in English. The list sometimes is called High Frequency Words, Most Common Words or M100W (Most 100 Words). You may find lists […]

How to help children learn the 100 Most Used Words.

    Children love to mimic adults and read books. It is wonderful to see children flipping pages of a book and telling the story from the pictures. Even if it is Hairy Maclary lived at Old McDonald’s Farm rather than Donaldson’s Dairy. The next stage of reading can be […]

Helping children learn to sound out words.