Information and Activities to help children’s reading development.

Every story Tommy (my 7 year old son) has written lately begins with the sentence, ‘Hi my name is Tommy…’. You can imagine my frustration as a creative writer myself and teacher of children’s writing. However, you won’t be surprised by the books he has been reading bordering on obsessed […]

Benefits of Children Reading a Variety of Books

Reading is all about building confidence and having-a-go. One way to do this, is to use nursery rhymes or songs your child knows. Either add images to the lyrics for your child to ‘read’ or let them look at the words as they are singing. At this stage of reading […]

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – Activities for Pre-Readers

This post is one of three posts. Post One: The benefits of children reading books below their level Post Two: The benefits of children reading books at their level Post Three: The benefits of children reading books above their level   Books your child reads can be categorised into three levels:   […]

The benefits of children reading books below their level.

I am often asked, to recommend books to children, based on their age. This is a hard question to answer, not only from unknown interest level, but also age. Age is not a guide to reading ability or comprehension levels.   Reading develops through stages not ages. Your child’s chronological age is not […]

Your Child’s Reading Age.

Does this sound like your child? They used to love books. They used to love telling stories in their own words and pretending to be reading. They used to have favourite books they would continually want you to read. They know letters make sounds and may even recognise some letters […]

Helping children who are becoming frustrated with reading (Levels 1-5).

  Information on the No Books, Reading Challenge. For parents and teachers. Reading is a hard task. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, representing over 40 sounds with more than 200 spelling variations.   Some children lose confidence in their reading ability and become reluctant readers. They see books […]

No Books, Reading Challenge. For struggling, reluctant or beginning readers.

My most asked question – My child hates reading, I have books in the house. I read to them often and yet they hate reading, what do I do? There are many reasons why your child might hate reading, this post looks at if your child is a struggling reader […]

Helping struggling readers who hate reading.

  Audiobooks An audiobook or talking book, is a recording of a text being read. A reading of a complete text is an unabridged version, while if the text is reduced it is an abridged version. Audiobooks are beneficial not just for reluctant readers but for all children. Benefits of […]

The Benefits of Audio-Books for Kids.

  Do you have a reluctant reader at home? The school year is finishing and the last thing your child wants to do is pick up a book. Your child may be a reluctant reader due to a range of reasons which will be discussed in a future post. Regardless […]

Holiday Reading Challenge – reluctant reader

Non-fiction books unfortunately are becoming replaced by searching on the internet rather than borrowing a book from the library on a chosen topic. Bring non-fiction books back into your house (if they ever left) and discover the benefits they bring to your child. Diagrams/Illustrations Non-fiction books are often filled with […]

Benefits of Children Reading Non-Fiction Books