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2017 is quickly approaching, with festivities already starting in a lot of backyards and camping grounds around Australia. A ‘leap second’ will be added to bring time in sync with the Earth’s rotation. In Victoria and New South Wales this ‘leap second’ will be added, the second before 11am on […]

How to best use your ‘leap second’ in 2017?

Are you trying to decide on the options for your child’s schooling in 2017 or planning ahead for 2018? The below post will only state the facts. In order to make a decision on your child’s schooling you will need to take into consideration their physical needs  emotional needs  social needs […]

Australian Schooling Options

  This morning Sunrise aired, Does Ritalin do more harm than good?  I am happy to finally see commercial television discuss this topic. It is one myself and many educators have thought about, researched and discussed and I look forward to seeing the impact of similar shows airing this research. […]

How to Help Your Child Who Displays ADHD Behaviours

Sitting watching Channel 7 news tonight and I heard the startling statistics of Dementia in Australia (and no doubt worldwide). Approximately 330 000 people in Australia are living with dementia. Each week, there are more than 1,800 new cases of dementia in Australia; approx. one person every 6 minutes. Three in ten […]

Dementia – Children’s Activity Sheets

There is plenty of research around which states that the more words pre-schoolers know the meaning of, the easier they find reading and writing once they begin formal schooling.                                  To help your child increase their bank of words, here are my top 5 tips. 1. Read, read, read. The obvious […]

What new word did your child learn the meaning of ...

Whether you are into motorbike racing or manicures there’s an Mm activity for you and your child to do on Mummy’s Day. Learning is all about grabbing an opportunity and making the most out of it. Whether your child is learning to say, read or write the letter Mm, these […]

Mother’s Day M Activities.

Beat bullying with books. Bullying is never an easy topic to discuss with your students. They see and hear words like ‘bully free zone’ or ‘zero tolerance towards bullying’ but may not understand what bullying looks like. A way to introduce a topic such as bullying is through literature. Use […]

Beat bullying with books.

You are at home with your child and are assessing their reading and spelling skills:     Your child can correctly name each letter of the alphabet and the most common sound  it makes, for example, the letter is a, the sound it makes is /a/ for apple , the letter is b and […]

Home Schooling – Oz Phonics 4 review

“A child who has slept all night in a stuffy, overcrowded room, and then breakfasts on a cup of weak tea and a piece of bread, can hardly be expected to show a sharp, sustained interest in the abstractions of arithmetic, and the unrelated niceties of correct spelling.” Yes, I […]

Kids, breakfast, sleep and E.R. Braithwaite

Your child’s restaurant. Friday nights in our house our kids cook. This is nothing new, in a lot of households children are part of food preparations whether it is helping baking cakes, making their sandwiches for school lunches or preparing the night’s vegetables. On Friday nights our kids, decide on […]

Your child’s restuarant.