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The Book of the Year – Younger Readers Children’s Book Council of Australia 2016 Notables Congratulations to the authors, illustrators, editors, publishers and those who inspired them to create the ‘Younger Readers – Book of the Year’. Last year, I made a plan to read all short listed CBCA books, […]

The Book of the Year – Younger Readers CBCA 2016

To sum up Henry Benett and the Hidden Book of Magic (Part 1) I would say, ‘non-stop action.’ Henry Benett and his neighbour Francesca Lucinda Burlington-Smith are on a quest to find the Hidden Book of Magic. Within the first few minutes of reading, Henry had been startled by a huge […]

Henry Benett and the Hidden Book of Magic (Part 1)

The Simple Things By Bill Condon Pictures by Beth Norling 2015 The Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlisted book. Spoiler Alert. This review is an Educational Review and therefore discusses issues raised in the book. It provides parents and teachers educational activities with links to the Australian Curriculum. Educational Review […]

The Simple Things – By Bill Condon. An Educational Review

Educational Review by Jenny Graham Home schoolers, parents and teachers, is there a pre-teen/young adult who you would love to broach the following topics with but don’t know how: – relationships -death – puberty What better way to open up discussions than by the well-written fiction book Two Kids by Richard Levine . […]

Two Kids

Educational Review By Jenny Graham of A Christmas Calamity. A Christmas Calamity, book six in the Astro’s Adventure’s series by Susan Day has been on my to-read list for a few months, which for a children’s book is a long time for me. My hesitation in reading this book was, […]

A Christmas Calamity

An Educational Review of Swallow Me, NOW! Author Melissa Gijsbers Publisher Lilly Pilly Publishing  Swallow Me, NOW! is a book, I wish was published when I taught Year 5 girls. Although, it is a fictional book set in Green Oaks Primary School, it leads itself to discussions about […]

Swallow Me, NOW!