To Debra Tidball, (Charlie aged 8) It is a pretty sad story, but I liked it. My dad goes away for work, so I liked in the story how her dad went away for work also. Next time, can you write a story which is happier. Like a magic teapot, […]

A Letter to Author Debra Tidball from Tommy (aged 7) ...

To Renee Price,¬†Author of Digby’s Moon Mission, Thank you for writing the book, it was funny when Digby thought to sling shot food up to the moon to feed it. He wasn’t exactly feeding it, but kind of though. It is weird how the moon just gets bigger and bigger […]

My Letter to Digby’s Author Renee Price, from Tommy aged ...

George’s Marvellous Medicine By Roald Dahl Review by Tommy aged 6 George’s Marvellous Medicine was an awesome book. I like how the grandma gets bigger and smashes through the roof. I like how George keeps on feeding his grandma and she keeps getting bigger and bigger. The author could add […]

George’s Marvellous Medicine – review by my kids.