Benefits of Children Reading Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books unfortunately are becoming replaced by searching on the internet rather than borrowing a book from the library on a chosen topic.

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Bring non-fiction books back into your house (if they ever left) and discover the benefits they bring to your child.


Non-fiction books are often filled with labelled diagrams, illustrations or flow charts to explain topics. When the language for your is too hard they can look at the pictures for a clearer understanding.


Confidence Building

Reading non-fiction books give confidence to children. Non-fiction books often look like ‘grown-up’ books and are often big in size and volume. Children enjoy will enjoy


Extending Knowledge

Non-fiction books contain information about particular topics. Pre-readers can learn information from non-fiction books through their illustrations and further discussions you may have with your child on the topics.


Need to learn to read

When you child asks you, why or how questions. Look up the information in a non-fiction book. Show children the importance of reading and why we  need to learn to read.


Help your child find enjoyment with books. Find non-fiction books on topics they enjoy, animals, trucks, circus, dolls or music. Let them read for pleasure, skipping pages, just looking at pictures and no guidelines. Let them move away from the stress of reading every word and enjoy holding a book without any pressures.

Contents, Glossary and Index

Help your child understand why we need a contents, glossary and index. Show them how to use them and how it makes reading non-fiction easier to read. Introduce them to the fact you don’t need to read non-ficiton books from page 1 through to the end.

What was the last non-fiction book your child looked through?

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