About Me

Child Writes“I can’t read.”

“I’m stupid!”

“I can’t think of anything to write.”

The above three statements I would hear from reluctant readers and writers who were not given the chance to grasp the basics of reading and writing during their early years. This could be for any number of reasons whether social, emotional, physical, school environment or another reason.

I am passionate about giving kids the chance for success, confidence to learn and an enjoyment in reading and writing.

I have taught for nearly 20 years in a variety of settings, Indigenous Remote Communities, mining towns, special school setting, and mainstream schools. I am currently working as a Literacy Support teacher, working with individual students or withdrawing small groups of children who for a variety of reasons had missed the opportunity to learn the basics.

I break down the skill of reading and writing into small achievable goals which create success and confidence, while providing interesting activities which promotes enjoyment.

I know these activities and the approach I take towards helping children grasp the hard task or learning to read and write work. You will find testimonials from authors, teachers and parents on my knowledge in the area as well as details on my background in education and welfare.

Staying at home with my children while they were young, I had a break from teaching but I was still passionate about helping children learn the hard skill of reading and writing. I decided to create abcJenny.

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