Your Child’s First Reader.


Product Description

Your child has progressed from placing books in their mouth, to pointing to pictures, and now has shown interest in wanting to read.


For $0.99 this 32 page booklet includes:

A first reader, ‘Where is Teddy?’

‘Where is Teddy?’ is a repetitive book, using picture clues and common words for your child to practise reading independently. The pictures are black and white for your child to colour in and make their own.


Parent information


Information on the five areas of effective reading, concepts of print, benefits of colouring in and shared reading strategies.





Ten activities based on the book, Where is Teddy? These activities will enhance your child’s reading skills and confidence in their ability to read the book.



The downloadable book, ‘Where is Teddy?‘ is able to be printed out several times as your child’s confidence in their reading ability grows. They will love seeing the changes in their colouring in.

Professionally edited by Lilly Pilly Publishers.

For questions on this book or on how to help your child learn to read, visit my Facebook page abcJenny.

Enjoy and happy reading.


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